Claretian spirituality is rooted in the Word of God, the Eucharist, and our Cordimarian tradition. This spiritual growth bears fruit in a deeper and more zealous missionary commitment. Such a spirituality includes the perspectives taught by Catholic Social Teaching and our own Claretian documents:

  • Our option for the poor and marginalized.
  • Our apostolic commitment to accompany immigrant and refugee populations.
  • Our attention to issues related to justice and peace as an integral part of our ministry.
  • Our concern for the welfare of the planet and all of God’s creatures.

Each member’s personal spirituality enhances and is enhanced by our common Claretian spirituality. In addition, individuals accommodate their own spirituality to the needs of the people whom we serve.

Specifically, Claretian Missionaries are called to:

  • Regular personal prayer, meditation, and reflection.
  • A renewed commitment to their own continuing education—theological and human.
  • Care for their health—physical and mental, as well as spiritual.
  • A simple, disciplined lifestyle—one that looks on the goods provided us as a trust to be used in the service of the people.
  • Welcome the assistance and support of others as fellow companions along the journey.