Provincial Council and Claretians in Canada Hold Assembly

Provincial Council and Claretians in Canada Hold Assembly

On November 9th and 10th, 2014, members from the USA-Canada Provincial Council and 14 of our Claretian members in Canada held an assembly at our Claretian community house in Victoriaville, Québec.

The main objective of this assembly was to discuss with our recently integrated members from Canada the initial plan for our Claretian ministries in Canada and how to best incorporate and adapt current Claretian policies and procedures.

The proposed mission and vision statements and strategies to best deal with the challenges facing our ministry in Canada were discussed as well. These challenges include:

  • vocation ministry among the various language groups
  • strengthening Claretian community life
  • ministry to the French/English and Spanish-speaking populations in Canada
  • working more effectively as a team in ministry with other Claretians and lay people

Much was discussed, and all had the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns regarding their ministries and the challenges they are facing while also sharing their positive experiences and stories of hope.

Fr. Rosendo, the council, and our members in Canada all left the assembly with a feeling of great optimism for the future of our Claretian mission in Canada.