General Prefect of Apostolate Shares Video about Claretians

A message from Miguel A. Velasco, CMF, General Prefect of Apostolate:

Dear brothers and sisters,

I invite you to watch this video about the Claretian Missionaries today. It is made up of short videos from my visits to different places in the Congregation during my last five years as General Prefect of Apostolate. In the video I was not able to include every place in the Congregation because it was not possible in six minutes and also because I have not visited everywhere.

The title is, more or less, “Claretian Missionaries: building the most beautiful city.” Of course, this city is The City of the People of God. The song in the video is from the last Godspell version on Broadway. It is very important to understand the meaning of the lyrics because it is talking about and explaining the sense of the images.

Thanks for your collaboration in this great, beautiful, and magnificent “City of God.”