Media Ministry

Radio Claret America – Online & Podcasts

One of our newest ministries is Radio Claret America. Our team developed this new Spanish-language media outreach throughout 2014 and the radio station went live in February of 2015.  Radio Claret America seeks to spread the Gospel through meaningful and ecumenical programs that respond to the daily concerns of God’s people.  

Our mission in this ministry is to:

  • inform but not to impose on faith-based topics,
  • be the voice of the voiceless,
  • build community through prayer and fraternal communication,
  • be a source of information regarding daily events for our local and international community of listeners, and
  • be a bridge for all Claretian communities worldwide.

Radio Claret America is focused primarily on the emerging U.S. Latino community. We want to be a conduit for the hope and dreams, the concerns and challenges facing Latinos today. Our original programming includes topics covering religions, politics, music, cultures, and news. Through radio, podcasts and other social media, we want to be the voice of a people!

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Hispanic Ministry Resource Center

We are a ministry of the Claretian missionaries – a congregation of Catholic priests and brothers founded in 1849 and established in the United States in 1902 – with an extraordinary and strong commitment to Hispanic migrants.

For over 25 years HMRC has been a source of print and now digital resources for the evangelization of children, young people and adults. Our focus and commitment is the holistic growth of every person to live the life they were created to live. And that each person can develop their leadership through healthy living and in turn can transform and heal their community. You can learn about their new and current digital resources at

Café con Cristo – Podcasts

Café con Cristo, el único café que se cuela en el cielo, (Coffee with Christ) is a daily podcast in Spanish that provides a sacred online space where people can grow, heal, learn and discover a God that meets them where they are at, as He gently guides them to where they were meant to be and become.

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Creer es Crecer School

Creer es Crecer School is a leadership and Pastoral center for Spanish-speaking people seeking to grow in their faith. Creer es Crecer offers free classes for adults focused on different aspects of leadership and Bible study. 

Learn more about Creer es Crecer School at:

Claretian Biblical Institute of the Americas (IBICLA)

IBICLA responds to the great need to feed the Spanish-speaking people who live and work in North America with the Word of God.  We have created a diploma course, in which anyone, regardless of their legal status, studies, or sexual orientation can join to learn from world experts on Bible studies.
Learn more about the Claretian Biblical Institute of the Americas at: