Announcing the New Radio Claret America Station

Announcing the New Radio Claret America Station

We are very happy to introduce you to one of our newest ministries: Radio Claret America. Our team developed this new Spanish-language media outreach throughout 2014. The station went live with the start of 2015!

Radio Claret America seeks to spread the gospel through meaningful and ecumenical programs that fit well with your daily life. Our mission in this ministry is focused primarily on the emerging U.S. Latino communities. We want to be a conduit for the hope and dreams, the concerns and challenges facing Latinos today.

Our original programming includes topics covering religions, politics, music, cultures, and news. Through radio and other social media we want to be the voice of a people!

Learn more about Radio Claret here and on the station’s website,

We look forward to welcoming you as a new and loyal listener and hope you will feel free to help us spread the word about this important new resource. Many thanks!