“The formation and development of youth and young adults is a priority for us. A holistic youth development means providing for and accompanying the youth to support their dignity and integrity…”
                  — from our 2011 USA Provincial Chapter

From the west coast to the east coast, in seven states and in Canada, the Claretians are engaged in a creative prophetic response to serving the needs of young people.  Recently, the Province set up a Youth Task Force to help in the formation of young people, especially youth leaders committed to making the neighborhood a better place to live.

The creative responses that come from connecting and sharing ideas with one another are astounding. The Boy Scouts of San Gabriel Mission in California are taking a group of Chicago inner-city youth camping through the Rocky Mountains as a summer event. Another summer program features an exchange of college students between parishes, giving back to the community through a variety of service projects.

The purpose of all this is to help young people encounter Christ through a positive experience of service in the church, and to develop their capacity to be leaders in the community.

For information about Camp Claret, a summer camp in Québec for youth 7–16 years old, please visit their website.

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